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Associations and Not For Profits

Many associations starts out being led by volunteers. However, most volunteers also have full-time jobs and can't always give the association the attention it deserves.

From recruiting new members to keep current members engaged, association management takes time and professionals who understand the nuances of membership organizations.  Goldner Management brings decades of experience to associations and not-for-profits.  Whether it is backoffice operations or designing and running a conference or event, we blend a get-it-done attitude with creativity.  

If your organization is ready for professional management, or you just need support in a few key areas, Golder can get it done.

How We Get it Done

Association Management

For volunteer-led organizations that are looking for professional management.  We understand what it is like to be a volunteer and provide services that allow you to enjoy being a member while we take care of making things happen.


An event can be time consuming and can take away from the day-to-day operations of an association.  As experienced event planners, we can manage an entire event or support your existing team efforts.

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