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Small Businesses and Consultants

Entrepreneurship is the dream job for many people.  It also takes a lot of time and resources.  In today's business environment, it's common to be a solopreneur or a consultant who doesn't need full-time staff to run a successful business.   


That's where we come in.   GMS is designed to be an extra set of hands where and when you need us.  Flexibility and responsiveness are a huge part of who we are.   


If you find yourself stuck and need help on a one-time project or are looking for assistance a few hours a week, we can be there and help you get what you need done. 

As expert networkers, we can support your business development efforts by connecting you to people we know and also building relationships on your behalf.

How We Get it Done

Knowledge and Project Management

Have a one-time project, an annual project, or something that just came up that needs immediate attention? From creating SOPs to streamlining procedures, our expertise in getting and keeping you organized.

We will get it done.


Looking for a go-to person to keep you organized and handle administration? GMS can be an extension of your team without the expense of a full-time employee.


Planning a client event or simply organizing a short seminar?  We have decades of experience managing events. Throw something and us and we will get it done.

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